Only the best from the best: our Wicked BOLD farmers promote sustainable organic agricultural practices.

Oh, you better Belize it…

it’s important to us that we source premium cacao, and we do this from smallholder Belizean farmers who contribute to reforestation efforts + promote sustainable organic agricultural practices.

Our cacao comes exclusively from importers that are certified in Direct Trade.

We ensure our chocolate is rooted in fair & equitable trade practices with the hardworking farmers who produce this exceptionally high-quality cocoa bean.



 Beyond the buzzwords, we are simply committed to respecting our Earth, our cacao farmers and our customers. 

Thank you to The Food Empowerment Project for recommending our chocolate + for highlighting our commitment to an ethical cacao supply chain.


Then, we hand-select each cacao bean for only the best. Sorting is a significant step because every cacao bean is different.

Some beans may be cracked (can't use those: cracks are a spot for bacteria to breed)
others might not have any cacao nibs inside, (can’t use those)
some beans may have become a home for insects, (no thanks)
and some beans just couldn't let go of their bean-friends, (which would cause uneven roasting)

We carefully remove the imperfect beans + only include the best beans in the bunch. 

Our Wicked BOLD bean-to-bag technique is detailed, pure and all handcrafted. We are passionate about making the purist chocolate you can purchase. 

Try some now. 

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