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What it means to be Wicked BOLD

Hi all - When we started Wicked BOLD we knew we wanted to make something delicious, healthy and a product that people would love. That wasn't the reason we actually started this though.

We finally decided to start this because we felt like our message could help inspire people to see their own potential, or to take a risk that could change their lives.

Brooklynn and I both had to overcome some serious adversity as children and even young adults yet still somehow managed to come out of it whole and with a passionate vision for the future. What made us special though? How did we come out the other side (relatively) unscathed? What pushes us so hard? 

As the dad of this BOLD clan, I inspire to be go-getters, hustle hard & own your outcomes. Brooklynn inspires to keep health & heart top of mind. Ophelia teaches us daily how important it is to have a tinge of sassiness and our bubba, Landon, helps us see that sometimes slow & steady wins the race.

If you haven't put the acronym together yet - we are B.O.L.D. - Brooklynn, Ophelia, Landon, Deric.

So, what does it mean to be Wicked BOLD?

It means to push your envelope but never forgetting to slow down to help someone else push theirs.

It means to never leave someone behind that needs your help.

It means you give your all to everything that you invest in.

It means being true to yourself and changing the world with your authenticity.

The chocolate is great, but growing our BOLD Fam is the coolest part of this adventure.


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