Wicked BOLD isn't just a chocolate company - it's who we are.

Brooklynn Ophelia Landon Deric


Back in 2016 Brooklynn was having a huge problem.. a problem even bigger than Deric not putting his dishes in the sink. She couldn't find any dark chocolate with simple ingredients at their local grocery store.
 After much deliberation, we went online and bought one pound of organic madagascar cacao beans and got to work. For some reason, Deric thought it would be a good idea to add coffee grounds to the chocolate experiment and well, long story short, it was an epic fail. Realizing we did not have the proper equipment, we put this dream away for the time being. 


 Much like that beating drum from Jumanji the chocolate was calling to us and while driving across the country in June of 2019 for our move to Texas the idea was back as if it had never left. We went online and purchased the fancy Melangeur required to grind chocolate and the chocolate game was on.
Yet, after several batches of chocolate that "snap" that comes from a perfectly tempered chocolate was just not happening. We were discouraged but committed to forging on!
 Then everything changed.
On what felt like batch 4,000 we finally got it! That perfect chocolate “snap” and the real live video of it captured below.
The rest is history.


As we celebrate our first year in business there's a lot to be proud of:
    • Wicked BOLD can be found in 7 retail locations in Texas, Florida & Missouri
    • We've received trademark approval on Wicked BOLD
    • and our favorite: Wicked BOLD has donated over $1,000 to meaningful local & national causes that support underprivileged youth.
Last but not least a huge and tremendous thank you to all of our friends & supporters for believing in us and buying our family-owned craft chocolate. We have exciting new products & projects coming up and we can't wait to grow BOLD with you!

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