A few years ago, our family looked for chocolate with no junky additives. It became a never-ending scavenger hunt as we discovered so many chocolate companies adding unnecessary ingredients so we decided to become Wicked BOLD

Our small-batch vegan chocolate is handmade in Texas using organic & ethically sourced cacao from Belize. We craft healthy & delicious chocolate with simply 3 ingredients and we ain't never changing.

<3 Brooklynn, Ophelia, Landon & Deric

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Sourced from Belize

We source premium cacao from smallholder Belizean farmers. Our model creates an exceptionally high-quality cocoa bean and a growing source of income for farmers, while contributing to reforestation efforts and promoting sustainable organic agricultural practices in southern Belize.

Direct Trade Certified

We purchase our cacao exclusively from importers that are certified in Direct Trade. This ensures that the delicious chocolate we made is rooted in fair & equitable trade practices with the farmers & families that work so hard to produce this delicious super food.

Simple Ingredients

A core part of our brand is producing real food with real ingredients that you can pronounce, recognize and trust. Our chocolate will always have a maximum of 3 delicious & organic ingredients with no artificial anything. Ever.